About Vidhya Seva

Vidhya Seva, a charitable organization, was established by a dedicated group of individuals with a shared vision to make a positive impact on society. The organization's primary mission has always been to serve the less fortunate with passion, dedication, commitment, and foresight.

In India, numerous challenges faced by the underprivileged demand attention and care. Our members have identified key areas where significant contributions can be made. Education and vocational activities are our main focus, aiming to nurture students into responsible global citizens.

To achieve this goal, Vidhya Seva has adopted a government-run school and is actively working to improve its infrastructure and facilities, bringing it on par with private schools. Our objective is to create an environment that empowers students and provides them with equal opportunities for a bright future.


Divya Sonkia - President
Ram Sharan Gupta - Secretary
Abhinav Khatoria - Treasurer
Renu Modi
Sarita Malpani
Surendra Saboo
Ashok Dusad
Kamal Gupta
Vijay Chordia
Gaurav Mandot
Vivek Sharma